Store Manager for OpenCart v. – Sunset Release, Free Download

Dear OpenCart users,

This release of Store Manager for OpenCart v. comes sunsetted. From now on, active development of the application is stopped due to the lack of demand.

Users now can download and use Store Manager for OpenCart without registration and FREE of charge.

Note: Store Manager will now be available AS IS and support will no longer be provided. For the questions regarding the functionality, please rely on the Store Manager for OpenCart documentation

This sunset version Store Manager for OpenCart comes with an improvement and a number of fixes.


  • OpenCart compatibility has been added and now, Store Manager users can manage stores based on this version of the shopping cart.


  • Fixed issue with adding products and recalculating totals upon mass edit of orders.

  • Fixed issue with removing all products from an order and saving it afterwards.

  • Fixed issue with importing product attributes containing quotation marks in the text.

  • Now upon the import of products with non-English categories, there won’t be duplicates created.

  • Now, upon copying a product with the option “Product image” unchecked, the main image wouldn’t be copied anymore.

  • Fixed issue with canceling the changes upon editing the ISBN field.

  • Fixed issue occurring when trying to make a subcategory the root category.

  • FIxed issue with displaying the active connection in the connections switcher.

  • Fixed issue with adding option values upon products multi editing.

  • Fixed issue with displaying option values created upon product import.

  • Fixed issue with displaying option values containing Cyrillic, Chinese, or Arabic symbols.

  • In the new ICEcat Integration the upload of images has been fixed.

Download the updated version of Store Manager for OpenCart get all the improvemens and fixes.

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