This system is golden if you use it!

Have any of you ever felt screwed by practice management companies? This is totally different.

I bought this piecemeal some time ago until i realized it was ALL good and i needed the entire set. This is such a bargain. Don't want to memorize scripts so you can be yourself? Want to relate value to what they can understand? Ever feel bad about recommending a year to someone who really needs it but you're scared that they'll walk out? All covered, in fact the last point russ even teaches you how to get permission to show them the year plan if necessary. it's absolutely brilliant. All this without scaring anyone with the phases of degeneration.

I think the best thing about this system is if they commit they do it on their terms, so nearly 100% of people you bring into the office will at least sign up for something. This system is golden if you use it!