Bring your MijoShop Store Management to a New Level

Bring your MijoShop Store Management to a New Level

  • MijoShop Store Manager. Perform most time-consuming tasks in few clicks

Store Manager for MijoShop

Perform most complicated tasks in 2 clicks

The support for this product was discontinued. Free version is offered as is.

Store Manager for MijoShop is a Windows application that enables you to efficiently and in short time manage your MijoShop online store. This solution makes MijoShop store management much easier and quicker.

Store Manager for MijoShop Features

Make bulk changes of your MijoShop products prices, product information, inventory and products status.

Import and Export of MijoShop products, categories, customers and orders from/to .csv, .xml, excel files.

Use POS to accept orders
via Phone.

Find sales, inventory and customer data in reports section.

Work locally, off-line and apply the changes only when you are ready.