Bring CubeCart Store
Management to a New Level

Perform most complicated tasks in 2 clicks Store Manager for CubeCart

Store Manager for CubeCart is a Windows application that enables you to efficiently and in short time manage your CubeCart online store. This solution makes CubeCart store management much easier and quicker. Current version is issued as is and is free for download and use. No further changes are made, support provided, and features implemented.

Check the list of features available using Store Manager for CubeCart
  • Export manufacturers, product options, products reviews and other details to Excel or HTML.
  • Assign categories to products in bulk.
  • Find sales, inventory and customer data in Reports section.
  • Import and export CubeCart products, categories, customers, and orders from/to .csv, .xml, excel files.
  • Work locally, offline and apply the changes only when you are ready.
  • Manage CubeCart orders.
Store Manager features
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Migration to PrestaShop

One partner for all your business needs. Get data, theme, design, customers, orders transferred from your CubeCart to PrestaShop, most powerful eCommerce platform.

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Migration to Shopify

Choose one of the most popular shopping carts that will change the way you do your business. Integrate with chatbots, facebook, get additional sales channels, and much more. Start your first Shopify store with us.

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Migration to WooCommerce

Have large blog and small store and would like to keep control over all aspects of your online business? WordPress + WooCommerce is the best choice for you. Migrate all information per your needs.

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Data Scraping

Need to update your inventory and have no file from supplier? Need to keep a track on competitor prices? Request site scrapping service and get all data you need for your CubeCart store.

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PrestaShop Store Manager has proved to be a true ally for PrestaShop retailers!

Apart from the daily benefits it offers in terms of time and efficiency, I was particularly impressed by the opportunity it offered to work offline (for example, from a laptop computer on a train or plane). Also, being able to add more than 10 photos for one product in just one click is a great development!
Some retailers use it, above all, to manage their catalog, for example to reduce prices for a category of products by 20% for sales… again with just one click! Others will opt to use it to improve customer relations and to take advantage of its very powerful import/export functions. We are well known as a “difficult project company” but we have only one secret: we discovered PrestaShop Store Manager! In conclusion, in view of its low price and the time it saves traders (about 2 hours a day), it is an absolute must-have!

Bruno LĂ©vĂŞque
Bruno LĂ©vĂŞque PrestaShop Co-Founder