Bring your CubeCart Store Management to a New Level

Bring your CubeCart Store Management to a New Level

CubeCart Store Manager. Perform most complicated tasks in 2 clicks

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Store Manager for CubeCart

The support for this product was discontinued. Free version is offered as is.

Store Manager for CubeCart is a Windows application that enables you to efficiently and in short time manage your CubeCart online store. This solution makes CubeCart store management much easier and quicker. Current version is issued as is and is free for download and use. No further changes are made and features implemented.

  • fast and convenient management operations
    The software ensures fast and convenient management operations: you can add, edit, remove, copy, clone CubeCart products, product options, categories, manufacturers and orders effortlessly.
  • Very useful filters and search product option
    Very useful filters and search product option will come in handy for your navigation and help you to find all the necessary CubeCart products by some criteria and sort them out in the way you wish.
  • Import and Export of CubeCart product
    Helpful and smartly designed wizards simplify the processes of Import and Export of CubeCart products, categories from/to .csv file.
  • CubeCart Images import
    CubeCart Images import is possible along with your Import of products to store. The process is fast and easy and requires only correctly configured FTP connection.
  • CubeCart Customers Management section
    Customers Management section provides you the opportunity to add, edit or remove customers.
  • CubeCart operating reports for your salesYou can gain access to operating reports for your sales, inventory and customer data.
  • CubeCart all the advantages of desktop applicationThe program possesses all the advantages of desktop applications, which include simple and quick installation. Particularly, you just click “Next” several times and it works.
  • CubeCart direct connection to MySQL databaseThe possibility to perform instant changes via direct connection to MySQL database allows to see all changes reflected at your store immediately after they are done and without any delays in updates.
  • CubeCart PHP-MySQL bridgeThe ability to work locally, even off-line and apply the changes only when you are ready is possible through PHP-MySQL bridge connection to your database.
  • CubeCart SSH support
    Secure connections are ensured by SSH support
  • CubeCart simply switch connectionsThe Multiple CubeCart stores management is available. Set up connection to as many stores as you wish and then simply switch between them.
  • CubeCart Database Backup/RestoreDatabase Backup/Restore option is aimed at helping users to ensure data safety before performing bulk operations.