eMagicOne Products

New Experience in Site Management

eMagicOne Products

We offer a complex solutions for store owners that allow to speed-up most annoying and time-consuming tasks mostly met on project start or when you’re moving to new markets with new products.

Being a store owner on our own, handling more than 25 sites, we have noticed that most operations can be performed massively. Almost all description updates, images upload, export, import and other operations should be optimised to be done in 2 clicks and without any limits. Flexibility means a lot when you want to actually get results, altering, replacing, adding anything you need to your item either from your files, resources or from third-party sites.

Being mobile is a necessity and we’ve developed free mobile applications to get push notifications to track orders, customer registrations, react faster and easier. We understand that overservice and high-level support should be normal for store owner to beat competitors.

eMagicOne Services

For store owners who have no time to work with data but have a strict idea of how it should be done, we have services that can be used to update data, learn new things, create reports, or make data updated with any changes needed to get the ideal results. To find the service you need, choose the platform above or fill in the Service / Quote Request form with your requirements so our PM could check them

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