Why Credit Cards Can Not Be Charged Over Phone Creating Orders Via POS

Using POS (Store Manager feature) for order management, online entrepreneurs oftentimes come with the question, whether there is the possibility to input credit card details, provided by customer verbally via the phone, and charge payment in this way. The answer is no, Store Manager and POS do not facilitate this and below we are going to cover why it is so.

Security First and Foremost

Due to PCI, nothing is more important than customer being protected. Our applications are in full compliance with the statements maintained by this organization and we do not allow to store, edit or process credit card information in any way.

“PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council www.pcisecuritystandards.org is an organization created in an effort to better protect holder data”

Overlooking security risks may lead to stolen customer information and credit card fraud correspondingly. Providing credit card numbers via phone is not secure and belong to such kind of risks. Moreover, shoppers believe that trustworthy companies do not call to ask card details over the phone and may treat your business as vulnerable to fraudulent transactions.

“Violating standards means saving credit card information in your database”

Thus when managing orders via POS, you can not input credit card details to accept payment. It is recommended to use payment processor module that ensures encrypted storage and retrieval of multiple credit cards.

Point of Sale System Proper Usage

  • Running brick-and-mortar store and getting direct cash payment
  • When people are coming to physical stores, they are paying cash directly for their purchase. Thus, it is convenient to use POS, add products to order reading the codes with barcode scanner, using default customer, accept payments, calculate cash and change instantly via Point of Sale system

  • Setting up Cash on Delivery or Bank Wire (Bank Transfer) payment methods
  • You can create orders online and use payment methods mentioned above that foresee payments via bank or when at the moment order is delivered to customer.

  • Creating orders and sending customers direct URLs to these orders
  • You shoppers receive URL to order and complete the purchase providing credit card numbers themselves, what is secure and does not cause information leak.

Quick Rundown of POS Functionality

POS in integrated into Store Manager application and is applicable for online stores as well as for brick-and-mortar ones. It allows to quickly complete orders using barcode scanner or convenient product search (by product name, SKU, MPN, EAN, etc) and accomplish other operations by means of keyboard/hotkeys only.

Selling goods over the Internet, you can create orders offline (using bridge connection) and post created orders to web once you have Internet connection.

To get extended instructions on POS peculiarities, choose one of the articles provided below, depending on shopping cart you are using.

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