Store Manager for WooCommerce PRO Edition, 1 (One) Primary License (Single User)

Latest version: from 11/17/2023


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Store Manager for WooCommerce Single User Package has been designed for handling small or mid-sized WooCommerce business. It includes 1 Primary License and 12 months of free support and update service. The software is perfect for content generation with ChatGPT, bulk edits, flexible import/exports of products, customers, orders, and offline work.

BY EMAGICONE Store Manager for WooCommerce – Your Central Business Point

Store Manager for WooCommerce is an advanced e-commerce solution with comprehensive functional capabilities meant to refine data manipulations and improve overall store handling. Also with FREE ChatGPT feature you can generate product content, translate products (coming soon) and run multiple scenarios.

PRO Pack Store Manager Features
  • FREE ChatGPT plugin for product content generation. Generare prouduct descriptions, translate into multiple languages (WPML coming soon), generate meta details, etc.

  • Support of all WooCommerce product type – simple (virtual/downloadable), variable, grouped, external/affiliate products

  • Comprehensive product handling – create, modify and remove products, use flexible product filters and search

  • Bulk product update available – change price, description, category, tags and other details for multiple records at once

  • Import products to WooCommerce from CSV, TXT, XLS/XLSX, ODS, ZIP, XML files

  • Export products and related details to CSV via export wizard or rely on grid export and transfer data to HTML, XML, TXT, XLS/XLSX files

  • Convenient category management – add, modify or delist categories

  • Arrange site imagery – upload new images to WooCommerce products, set feature image or remove product pictures

  • Accomplish database backup

  • Access Management at your disposal, add employee accounts and configure rights for them

  • Custom SQL and Raw Table Editor for enhanced data management

  • Quick Connection Switch option – connect to necessary store simply choosing respective store configuration from the drop-down

Supported WordPress plugins

Multisite by WordPress
Perfect Brands
PRO PACK Store Manager for WppCommerce PRO Pack Includes

Free ChatGPT integtration to generate product desceiption, and other data with AI tool by OpenAI

Single user pack includes 1 (One) Primary license PRO Edition that can be used for one PC / one seat..

eBay and Amazon addons are included FREE, others are provided in demo mode for several items and can be unlocked when they are registered with License Key provided after the purchase.

12 months of Support and Update Service is included in Primary License of Store Manager for WooCommerce – PRO Edition for FREE. Click here to check what is Support and Update Service.

FOR COMFORT USING Store Manager for WooCommerce Technical Requirements
  • Software
  • WordPress up to 6.x
  • WooCommerce up to 8.x
  • Windows (32/64 bit) 11, 10, 8, 7, Server
  • Hardware
  • Starting from 4Gb RAMFor small or med-size stores
  • Screen resolutionFrom 1024×768
  • Stable internet connection

* – Compatibility is relevant for the latest Store Manager version
** – We strongly recommend to backup database before making changes from Store Manager.