Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Standard Edition, Additional License

Latest version: from 01/16/2024


Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Standard Edition, Additional License includes 1 (One) Additional License that can be used for one seat and 12 months of free support and update service. The software is perfect for small stores (up to 2000 products) for content generation with ChatGPT, bulk edits, flexible import/exports of products, customer, order, multi-store management, and offline work.

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  • Supported versions: Open Source 2.x, Adobe Commerce 2.x, Magento CE 2.x, Enterprise 2.x
by eMagicOne Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Standard Edition, Additional License

Additional Licenses of Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Standard Edition let you run the application on another machine. If you want to access the store from different computers or have employees, Additional Licences are a must. Order as many additional licenses as many extra seats you need. Standard edition is best for small Adobe/Magento stores. Allows to import up to 2000 products for one store. Find more Standard version product limitations in comparison chart.

Additional information Before ordering Additional License make sure that:

You do have a valid Primary License of the Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Standard Edition. If not – order Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Standard Edition, Primary license first.

Additional License is ordered under the same e-mail as your Primary License.

Important! If the above requirements are not met – your Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Additional License will not work. Contact eMagicOne Support team for assistance.

More about Store Manager software What is Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) ?

Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Standard Edition is a Windows-based application that helps merchants all around the world perform catalog management with features like: ChatGPT content generation and translation, flexible import up to 2000 products at a time, mass chagers, generators, and much more.

CHATGPT Store Manager for Adobe ChatGPT Features
  • Write short or long descriptions width the help of ChatGPT from Open AI.

  • Append information to existing product description with AI-generated texts.

  • Translate data into multiple languages with AI.

  • Perform any other scenario.

  • Request any other feature and get your scenario implemented free of charge.

PRODUCTS IMPORT Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Products Import
  • Upload products and related data from CSV, XML, ODS, TXT, XLS, XLSX and Google Sheets via intuitive wizard

  • Import up to 2000 products from different file sources: local one, HTTP or FTP URL to the file

  • Append merchandise of any type – no limits with Store Manager application

  • Implement data modifications directly in the course of Magento import applying expressions

  • Differentiate product upload into specific store view

  • Ascribe custom options to merchandise in the process of import

  • Enhance your product display by adding multiple images (local ones or from URLs)

  • Set up cron job to make product import automated

  • Update product-related details having two columns in the import file

EXPORT DATA Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Export
  • Export up to 2000 products to different file formats

  • Filter goods depending on your requirements for further export

  • Select separate fields you would like to transfer to CSV files

  • Export attribute sets and attributes from Magento

  • Export categories and related details

  • Export abandoned carts and products in carts

  • Export orders (manually and automatically) and customers to different file formats

  • Generate any product feeds per your needs

Additional features More Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Features
  • Change type of existing products or attribute set they belong to (all Magento product types are supported – simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, virtual, downloadable)

  • Print invoices and receipts via thermal printer

  • Clear details for selected products (remove images, group and tier prices cross-sells, custom options, product tags, downloadable data, etc.)

Supported Adobe (ex Magento) plugins

ChatGPT for Adobe (ex Magento)
Amazon for Adobe (ex Magento)
eBay for Adobe (ex Magento)
QuickBooks for Adobe (ex Magento)

Additional information Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) Additional License Includes

Free ChatGPT integtration to generate product desceiption, and other data with AI tool by OpenAI

Adobe (ex Magento) Additional license includes 1 (One) Additional license Standard Edition (1 seat in total).

12 months of Support and Update Service is included for FREE.

For comfort using Technical Requirements
  • Software
  • Adobe (ex Magento) v.2.x
  • Windows (32/64 bit) 11, 10, 8, 7, Server
  • Hardware
  • Starting from 4Gb RAMFor small or med-size stores
  • Screen resolutionFrom 1024×768
  • Stable internet connection

* – Compatibility is relevant for the latest Store Manager version
** – We strongly recommend to backup database before making changes from Store Manager.