Adobe (ex Magento) Import As a Service


Order one-time import service and let our techs do the import routine for you! We can upload new items, update old inventory, synchronize your file with supplier and much more. Satisfaction guaranteed! No programming, no software installation required. You send us your file and FTP and we do the job for you. To make sure the job is done at the top level, we import first 5 items and give consultations free of charge!.

This service is offered for Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento / Adobe, WooCommerce shopping carts. Please contact us for details before you proceed with the purchase.

    By eMagicOne Tech Team Adobe (ex Magento) Import as a Service

    This service covers one-time import provided by eMagicOne tech engineers. 100% satisfection guaranteed.

    Custom Import service covers one-time import provided by technical engineer excluding complex rules or data input. Import service is non-refundable once you confirm that all is done. As soon as you say that all is done correctly, all settings saved after import are provided free of charge. Re-import is charged additionally, though you can use provided settings and import the file with same format with the help of Store Manager software for free. Guaranteed response time is 24 hours, business days.

    You cannot use discount coupons/bonus points/bundles or any other reduction for services according to Support Service Terms.

    Order this service if you needk Adobe (ex Magento) Import as a Service covers one of the following
    • Product import. All product related information including SKU (Model), Name, Description, Quantity, Availability, Weight, Price, Special Price, Wholesale Price, Tax Rate, Meta Data, Position, Manufacturer, Supplier, etc.

    • Product Images import. Unlimited number of images, no matter if they are located on your server or at your Supplier’s site. Including image position and label.

    • Custom Options import. Size, Color, Material, Style, Processor Speed, etc. – things that can be adjusted according to customer’s needs without having to track its inventory.

    • Additional options available: Delete, disable, set “out of stock” products that are not listed in your file. Strip HTML or special characters from names and descriptions. Any modifications to data while import using expressions (e.g. import product from supplier with lowest price, add/replace/remove any text from product name or description, increase/decrease product price basing on certain rules). Set up automated import task

    • Import All product Types. Service covers import of all product types including simple, configurable, bundle, grouped, virtual and downloadable products with all related information

    • Categories import. Category tree and data related to categories like images, descriptions, metadata etc.

    • Import into appropriate Store view. Items can be imported into specific store according to Magento Multi Store functionality.

    • Orders, customers import can be performed. Cotnact us for details and estimates.

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    Phone, Skype or any other call with techs. Assistance is provided via Chat and TeamViewer only. Also the service does not include additional work related to third-party modules or Shopping Cart customizations.

    No manual data input. In case you need to fill in your file before import manually from your supplier’s site, please contact your supplier to get this information

    We do not create accessories via import, only assign existing products like accessories

    If you need a call, please request a Demo to discuss Store Manager features or your requirements. Contact us via email for details.