PrestaShop PDF Product Catalog Creator (LookBook)

Latest version: from 12/29/2023


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PrestaShop LookBook Creator is a perfect tool to generate printable brochures, flyers or LookBooks. Offer printable or downloadable materials with new items or best sellers to your potential or existing customers!

by eMagicOne PrestaShop PDF Product Catalog Creator (LookBook)

PrestaShop PDF Catalog Creator (Store Manager Addon) is a tool for simple and quick product catalog creation, which allows you to add product to your catalog, retrieve products information from PrestaShop create your own template or modify existing one.

Free built-in templates LookBook Examples (Built-in Templates)
LookBook PrestaShop PDF Catalog Creator Features
  • Build flexible PrestaShop PDF catalog for products, services or personal collections. Select products, prices, descriptions and images to make your unique catalog.

  • Generate multiple PrestaShop catalogues – as many as you want, they all will be saved so you can use any of them later.

  • Quick catalog update for new changes with one-button click.

  • Delete the catalog that you previously generated.

  • Select from few available templates or create some unique listings and offer them to your customers (live or printed version).

  • Request any customisation or new template development and eMagicOne team will provide you estimates.

Additional information What you get after purchase of PrestaShop PDF Product Catalog Creator (LookBook)

1 (One) license of PrestaShop PDF Product Catalog Creator (LookBook) that can be used to register and unlock PDF creator features as well as templates in Store Manager for PrestaShop (one seat).

Free templates. You can check the list of available templates in free trial version of Store Manager for PrestaShop. Also any template can be customized per your needs. Contact eMagicOne support team for assistance.

Important! PrestaShop PDF Product Catalog Creator (LookBook) requires Store Manager for PrestaShop software to be installed. Request free trial version of the software to give it a try before you proceed with the purchase.

For comfort using Technical Requirements
  • Hardware
  • Starting from 4Gb RAMFor small or med-size stores
  • Screen resolutionFrom 1024×768
  • Stable internet connection

* – Compatibility is relevant for the latest Store Manager version
** – We strongly recommend to backup database before making changes from Store Manager.