eBay Integration for Adobe (ex Magento)

Latest version: from 01/16/2024


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Integrate your Adobe (ex Magento) store with eBay marketplace. Submit new products, sync existing products, import sales from eBay to Adobe (ex Magento) to synchronize quantity (without buyer personal information).
* Available free of charge in Store Manager Professional and Adobe Commerce (Magento Enterprise).

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  • Supported countries: US, AU, CA, FR, DE, IT, NL, PL, ES, SE, CH, UK, IE, HK, PH, MY, IN, SG.
  • Supported versions: Open Source 2.x, Adobe Commerce 2.x, Magento CE 2.x, Enterprise 2.x
by eMagicOne eBay to Adobe (ex Magento) Integration

Want to join the online auction, where people and businesses sell and buy multitude of goods and services? eBay Integration extension will help you out.

This Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) plugin fulfills quick and flawless Adobe (ex Magento) webstore integration with world-famous eBay marketplace. Dispose your merchandise on eBay and make them accessible to a large client base making minimum efforts.

*Be sure to update your eBay Integration to the latest version which supports eBay Taxonomy API. Extend update period in case it has expired.

FEATURES What eBay for Adobe (ex Magento) can do for you:
  • Synchronize Adobe (ex Magento) data with USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, HongKong, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Singapore.

  • Export Adobe (ex Magento) Products to eBay. Select products to be exported to eBay from Store Manager products list.

  • Assign necessary fields to your products i.e. tittle, description, weight, images and other product’s features. Choose text to be used in products descriptions. Combine product fields with formulae to provide better product presentation (textual and numerical combinations are available).

  • Pick desired auction region for your products.

  • Auction Settings Adjustments: choose auction type, set auction price formula, specify auction start and end date, select from the variety of payment methods, choose shipping options.

  • Schedule eBay listings submission

Additional information eBay Plugin for Adobe (ex Magento) Includes

1 (One) license of eBay Plugin for Adobe (ex Magento) that can be used to register and unlock the eBay Integration feature in Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) application.

Important! eBay Plugin for Adobe (ex Magento) requires Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) software to be installed. Request free trial version of the software to give it a try before you proceed with the purchase.

For comfort using Technical Requirements
  • Hardware
  • Starting from 4Gb RAMFor small or med-size stores
  • Screen resolutionFrom 1024×768
  • Stable internet connection

* – Compatibility is relevant for the latest Store Manager version
** – We strongly recommend to backup database before making changes from Store Manager.