ChatGPT for Adobe (ex Magento) – generate and translate product data with AI

Latest version: from 01/16/2024


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Connect Adobe (ex Magento) to ChatGPT and update your store content. Generate, rewrite, create or enrich your product name, short descriptions, long description, meta data, translate to multiple languages, use PromptBook to store your prompts. Also use powerful Macros to input any dynamic Adobe (ex Magento) fields into your newly generated content, like product name, SKU, EAN, brand, meta data, attributes (color, size), etc.

  • Online Documentation
  • Supported versions: Open Source 2.x, Adobe Commerce 2.x, Magento CE 2.x, Enterprise 2.x
by eMagicOne ChatGPT for Adobe (ex Magento)

ChatGPT for Adobe (ex Magento) is a Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) addon. It helps you generate data with the help of ChatGPT and enrigh your store content.

ChatGPT is a free-to-use AI system. Use it for engaging conversations, gain insights, automate tasks, and witness the future of AI, all in one place. You can use Paid version to start working using API and get data generated more quickly.

Important! eMagicOne do not charge any extra fees and/or do not resell the content provided by OpenAI and/or ChatGPT. The OpenAI/ChatGPT charges you basing on your plan. Please check your current plan and pricing to be aware of the total cost of the service. The service cost applied when you send request to ChatGPT as well as when ChatGPT is generating data. Any prompts should be validated manually before applying massively. We do not guarantee any results. We would recommend checking and validating your prompts with free online ChatGPT before applying any prompts in Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) and ChatGPT integration. For furhter support, please contact OpenAI team.

OPEN AI Integration ChatGPT for Adobe (ex Magento) Features
  • Product content generation. Generate product short description, long description, product name, meta data (meta title, meta description), and keywords.

  • Use Macros to generate your data based on your current product name, SKU, EAN, brand, meta data, attributes (color, size), etc. Any field can be added dynamically.

  • Use PromptBook to save different Prompts and product listings for future content generation

  • Find all tasks in the queue. Stop pending tasks, restart or check results before applying any changes. Apply changes massively once you are sattisfied with the result

  • Generate content for one or multiple products at once

  • Translate product data to muliple languages. Create multiple tasks and choose the perfect prompt for translation

  • Append, prepend or replace existing content with the new content generated by ChatGPT

  • Track live product content data generation

  • Perform any other scenario. Request any other feature and get your scenario implemented free of charge

Additional information ChatGPT to Adobe (ex Magento) Includes

1 (One) license of ChatGPT plugin that can be used to register and unlock any AI features available in Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento).

PromptBook with free prompts. We strongly recommend checking and adjusting prompts so they meet your specific needs.

Macros list – incluses the list of all Adobe (ex Magento) fields that can be applied for ChatGPT content generation. Also any custom field can be added to the list. Contact eMagicOne support team for assistance.

Important! ChatGPT for Adobe (ex Magento) requires Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) software to be installed. Request free trial version of the software to give it a try before you proceed with the purchase.

For comfort using Technical Requirements
  • Software
  • Adobe (ex Magento) v.2.x
  • Store Manager for Adobe (ex Magento) latest version
  • ChatGPT Active account with at least $5 (subscription, or pay as you go)
  • Windows (32/64 bit) 11, 10, 8, 7, Server
  • Hardware
  • Starting from 4Gb RAMFor small or med-size stores
  • Screen resolutionFrom 1024×768
  • Stable internet connection

* – Compatibility is relevant for the latest Store Manager version
** – We strongly recommend to backup database before making changes from Store Manager.