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Our team strives to provide the most value to every company we work with. Tell us about your import challenges and we will offer you best solution.

Here is what we can import for you:

Products (Name, SKU, Full Description, Images in Description, Status, Manufacturer, Price, Special Price, URL, Meta Title, Meta Description, Weight, Variations, Images, Base Image, Additional Images, Quantity, Stock),
Categories (Name , Description, Status, Image, Meta Title, Meta Description),
Customers (Email, Billing details, Shipping details),
Orders (Order Date, Order Status, Order Products, Product Price, Quantity, SubTotal Price, Discount Price, Tax Price, Shipping Price, Total Price, Order Comments),
Reviews (Created Date, Rating, User Name, Comment, Product, Title),
Other data if needed.

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eMagicOne What we do
  • Discuss data import procedure with you to make sure that the refult will meet your business needs perfectly

  • Pre-Import preparation, including data scraping (you provide the URL, we extract the data. No access to the site needed)

  • Data adjustments. We can update any data, increase/decrease prices, change file strucutre, remove HTML or apply any other changes

  • Data import from .csv, xml, Excel, dbf, or any oher file or database

  • Migration between platforms with or wtihout access to the database

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Trusted by world’s leading brands

Apart from the daily benefits it offers in terms of time and efficiency, I was particularly impressed by the opportunity it offered to work offline (for example, from a laptop computer on a train or plane). Also, being able to add more than 10 photos for one product in just one click is a great development!
Some retailers use it, above all, to manage their catalog, for example to reduce prices for a category of products by 20% for sales… again with just one click! Others will opt to use it to improve customer relations and to take advantage of its very powerful import/export functions. We are well known as a “difficult project company” but we have only one secret: we discovered PrestaShop Store Manager! In conclusion, in view of its low price and the time it saves traders (about 2 hours a day), it is an absolute must-have!

Bruno Lévêque
Bruno Lévêque PrestaShop Co-Founder