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Get Free Magento Store in 3 Minutes with MageCloud!
MageCloud platform helps store owners and Magento developers launch new Magento stores in less than 10 minutes by installing themes, extensions and publishing everything into the cloud hosting infrastructure.

Why MageCloud?

Free Magento Hosting

Configure your server using Amazon AWS – choose location, server size and get your access to fully manage the server.


Everything starting from Magento, its theme to any extension you need is installed with one click!

Free Magento Themes

Choose from 100s of free and paid templates or use the default Magento themes. You can easily install your own themes as well.

Free Magento Extensions

Choose from 1000s of extensions – install them in 1 click or add your own extensions to your store. 100% open access to code, server and the Magento configuration.

MageCloud Dashboard

Get full control over your store. Install any 3rd party extensions, customize your store with any other modifications to get even more out of its potential.

Get Started!

Our Partners About eMagicOne Products

Store Manager by eMagicOne is an absolutely brilliant Magento product. A great concept beyond the usual Magento logic, based on extensions. With this app you can easily manage numerous functions of your Magento store from one place without being afraid of messing something up. This product bridges the gap between Magento and business owners. Subjectively, the strongest feature of this product is the multi editor, which allows you to effortlessly perform bulk actions throughout your Magento database.

Alex Plotnikov
Chief Marketing Officer, MageCloud.net

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