eMagicOne Partner – Loaded Commerce

Loaded Commerce is a new company with an old team. They formed Loaded Commerce, LLC, because they are a group of people that are passionate about ecommerce and they believe they can build, deliver, and support a fantastic product. We acquired the old CRE Loaded shopping cart software product from the old company CRE Commerce, Inc. (which we mostly built). CRE grew organically and drew great developers, techs, and customers.

Loaded Commerce Features

Mobile responsive front and back

Responsive Bootstrap 3 means there is no extra cost to start selling on mobile devices.

Mobile Checkout and Mobile Payments

Don’t just look pretty on mobile, perform on mobile. Close the deal, increase revenue from mobile traffic.

Grow your Business with Mobile Ecommerce

Nothing is growing faster than mobile ecommerce. Loaded is designed to make the most of it.

Free, Open Source and Customizable

Built to be customized, without breaking. Best of breed platform, well documented and supported.

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eMagicOne company is especially interested in long-term relationships. Check our Reseller Program to start earning with us - https://emagicone.com/affiliate-reseller-program/

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