eMagicOne Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Store Manager?

Store Manager is your central point for daily store management tasks like import, export, mass update, price update, manual data input, images upload, etc. Use your time effectively.

How do I Install Store Manager?

Store Manager is installed as native Windows or MAC application. No specific actions required.

How do you Provide Support?

eMagicOne provides support via live chat, email ( support.emagicone.com/submit_ticket ), and phone (US: 1-855-814-4511, CA: 1-855-810-5797, FR: 33-805-084-243).

Do You Have a Phone Number?

You can reach us here:
US: 1-855-814-4511
CA: 1-855-810-5797
FR: 33-805-084-243
All numbers are toll free.

Pre-Sale / Account Questions

How can I order your products?

You may place an order directly from our website – store.emagicone.com
You will be offered Store Manager license options, either Primary or Additional License or 1+1 package, that allows you to save more. Select Store Manager license you need.

You will receive your license key and a download link instantly. Also a copy of the order details will be forwarded to your mail.

I haven’t Received my Receipt or Confirmation Email?

Usually the e-mail is sent at the moment your payment is approved.

If you haven’t received confirmation email or receipt, please check your CC whether you’re charged. If yes, please contact us via live chat or send an email at support.emagicone.com and we will check it for you.

I can’t Login to my Account?

eMagicOne offers a number of accounts to be registered.

Store Account:

You can find it at: store.emagicone.com

In order to be able to sign in you need to register first and indicate all required information.

If you have added products to your cart or even placed your order that doesn’t mean that you have an account already. Orders can be placed as guest and account will not be created in this case.

What do you get when you’re registered? You can access your invoices and previous orders history once you’re signed in.

This account is not required, and you can live without it :)

Support Account:

In case you need to contact us, you can submit an e-mail via contact@emagicone.com or submit a ticket at our support system – support.emagicone.com/submit_ticket

In order to be able to sign in and see mail history, you need to register first.

What do you get when you’re registered? You can submit feature requests, post on forum or see all history in one place.

This account is not required as well

License Account:

License account is required to be able to use Store Manager applications.

Please, make sure you are on the right web page (on license.emagicone.com) and check, if all your details are correct (make sure you use same e-mail that you used while ordering your product).

In case you forgot your password, please, reset it. Press on ‘Forgotten Password’ button and fill in your email details in the form (license.emagicone.com/index.php?cmd=reset)

If you are still having trouble logging into your account, please contact us via live chat or send an email via contact@emagicone.com and we will assist you.

What you get when you have access to your License account? You can download the latest versions, reset registration information or check your license keys.

Can I Test Store Manager or a Plugin before Purchasing it?

Of course, you can test it. You may download free trial version of any our Store Manager software. Trial version has no limitation except of 14-days period.

You may also test all of our add-ons in demo mode within Store Manager trial version.

Where Can I Download Purchased Product(s)?

Once your order is completed, you should receive a confirmation email with order details and download link for your software.

Alternatively you may download the updated versions or reset the license at your license account (license.emagicone.com)

Here you can check how to reset your license and how to download the latest version of Store Manager

Update Subscription Questions

How Long do I Receive Updates and Support along with my primary license?

After the purchase the customer receives 6 months of free updates and support service, which means that during that period, the download link to the application and/or the latest version of the product will be available for the owner of the license. When this period expires and the owner of the license would like to continue having the ability to download the software, then it is required to purchase and apply update service for additional fee. Update is not an obligatory option, so in case you want to proceed using older version of the software, you do not need to order any further services.

How do I Update my Store Manager?

The best way to update is to use automated notification that Store Manager shows (green arrow at the top right top corner of Store Manager application). Simply click on it to download newer version. Store Manager checks for newer version every time it is started.

Alternatively you can find download links of recent versions at: license.emagicone.com

You may install new version over your existing one, all connection settings and other information will not be changed. If you uninstall your current version and then install newer you may need to register it again.

What is Renewal Subscription?

Store Manager updates can be ordered as a subscription to be renewed every 6, 12 or 24 month automatically. In case you need one-time update, please order it at: store.emagicone.com

How do I Cancel my Renewal Subscription?

You may cancel it clicking on the link in your confirmation email, received after an order had been placed. You may cancel the Update Subscription directly from your order form at MyCommere. Please, go to Auto Renewal Service and press on Cancel Subscription link.

We can also assist in renewal cancellation, simply e-mail us your order ID for subscription to be cancelled.

General Store Manager Questions

How Many Websites can I Manage with Single Store Manager License?

According to our policy we allow you to manage as many online stores as you wish on one Store Manager license (PRO version for Magento and PrestaShop), but you will need a separate license for each computer: 1 license=1 computer. For your other computers we offer Additional licenses that are much cheaper than Full Primary license. There is also 1+1 pack that allows you to save even more.

Do you have Store Manager Version for MAC or Linux?

We’re working on MAC version so it will be available for download soon. Contact us to be notified when the version is released.

For Linux users we recommend VirtualBox and Windows installation; you can get more information at: www.virtualbox.org

Please note that usage of emulators does reduce the performance of the Store Manager software

How to Reinstall Store Manager Software?

Use native uninstaller at Start/All Programs/eMagicOne/Store Manager for _____/uninstall. Please, save all your configuration settings and custom reports before uninstalling, so you could easily upload them to newly installed program.

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