When debugging, novices insert corrective code;
experts remove defective code.

~Richard Pattis

Beta Groups

Becoming a beta tester

Why should I become a beta tester?

Becoming a beta tester provides you ability to check all versions of Store Manager software that you have access to, including beta releases. Beta releases may have some bugs but they open new features for you faster than for other users.
In case you become active beta tester and assist us with fixing things (not just reporting) and adding features, you can get free updates, addons and other great bonuses for your time and participation.

List of Active Beta Groups to join

PrestaShop Store Manager

Join Store Manager for PrestaShop Beta group and get access to Beta versions, discussions and feature requests.

Magento Store Manager

Store Manager for Magento beta group is temporary not active.

WooCommerce Store Manager

Store Manager for WooCommerce beta group. Offer us new ideas, share your requests, make WooCommerce store management even better.

PrestaShop Mobile Assistant

Get involved in Free PrestaShop Mobile Assistant development.

Magento Mobile Assistant

Get involved in Free Magento Mobile Assistant development.

WooCommerce Mobile Assistant

Get involved in Free WooCommerce Mobile Assistant development.

OpenCart Mobile Assistant

Get involved in Free OpenCart Mobile Assistant development.

osCommerce Mobile Assistant

Get involved in Free osCommerce Mobile Assistant development.

VirtueMart Mobile Assistant

Get involved in Free VirtueMart Mobile Assistant development.

eMagicOne Feature Requests

We are open to all new ideas and improvements that you can provide us. Please submit them in our Support Center.

Note that we will review all requests and place them to the development queue depending on their popularity (number of user votes).

Details, please

We will do our best to implement your feature request but we can’t do that if you don’t provide some detailed information concerning it. Otherwise it will surely go through well-known scenario:

well-known scenario

Bug Report

Even space shuttles have bugs, so we’re sure you may meet some on your way to success. Please report them to us. Store Manager offers you to send automated reports. They all are reviewed and checked, even if we do not reply you back, most likely they will be fixed in one of new versions.

Each product has its own Google Plus Beta Group. Please find it and join it to help us make our software better.

In case you know exactly what to do to reproduce the bug, e-mail us immediately at contact@emagicone.com with all the steps. We’ll gladly check them for you and our testers will make 10 pushes for each found and reproduced bug. Let our testers have fun with you! We will either have strong testers or bugless software :)

Keep your software up to date as most likely the bug that you’ve met was already fixed. You can download the latest version of your software at license.emagicone.com
Use your e-mail and password refinder to sign in.

Bugs have feelings too

Do not forget that bugs have their own life, feelings and emotions. Bugs are among us – it’s a fact. The best way to get rid of them is to keep up to some rules. Here is the short check-list. Learn and have fun with eMagicOne.

Bugs have feelings too
Also do not forget
to leave feedback
in case you love any feature
that is already built-in.